What is the role of an Editor?

What is the role of an Editor?

An editor is hired by a publishing company to support mangaka in the realisation and publication of their manga. The editor’s role will be to make sure that the content and the level of quality of the manga is in line with the publishing company standards and the readers’ expectations.

Why do publishers hire editors?

A publisher is a company making money by selling content (manga, books, magazines, movies…) to its customers. As indicated in the introduction, publishers hire editors to help the company in producing quality content for their customers.

A manga publishing company like Shueisha for instance, publishes shonen, shojo and seinen magazines. To make sure that the company keeps its readership pleased, it will first be looking for interesting manga ideas. Then, when such idea is found, the company will contract with the authors. And once the contract is signed, the company will task an editor to work with the authors.

Therefore an editor shall first be knowledgeable of the content that his/her company publishes. And in addition he/she shall also know the expectations from the targeted readership. They must also have good analysis and communication skills. This allows them to efficiently support the authors they work with in producing the best manga possible.

How does the editor help to improve a manga story?

The editor will help the mangaka by providing feedback.

This feedback will first be his/her personal feedback that he will provide through proofreading.

The editor will be reading the plot, outline and scripts of the manga. He/she will then work with the mangaka to enhance these parts and align them with the publishing company’s and readers’ expectations.

He/she will also be reviewing the manga pages’ mockups, and their final versions, to provide feedback as a reader. He will analyse the flow of the story, the quality of the drawing, look for typos…

In addition, the editor will be compiling and analysing the feedback from the readers regarding the manga. He/she will use this feedback to help the mangaka revise their story and drawings and make sure to better satisfy the readers.

As indicated above, the activity of the editor requires him/her to be objective . This makes sure the remarks he/she makes to the mangaka will help motivating them and will help improving the manga.

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