Hello, I’m Stef.

I have been drawing for over 35 years, and a big fan of anime and manga for almost as long. I’ve been experimenting a lot with traditional media (pencil, alcohol markers, G-Pen and ink, fineliners…) before I moved to drawing digitally on iPad and Procreate. Along with drawing, I also did write some short stories.

I created this blog to provide people who want to draw manga with all the base knowledge and material they need. This includes both storytelling and artistic content that I gathered over the years I have been practicing and studying myself.

I try also to provide guidelines on how to approach a project such as making a manga, based on my own experiences. Making a manga is a complex but rewarding project. Yet if it isn’t approached on the proper manner, it can lead to a lot of frustration and deception.

Therefore I hope you will find this blog helpful.

You can find me on the following media:

As a Japan enthusiast, I also created the WonderLang website for people that want to get started in learning reading and writing Japanese!