Free Lines Pattern Procreate Brushes for Manga Artists

Free Lines Pattern Procreate Brushes for Manga Artists


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Here is a free Procreate brush set containing 12 brushes with lines patterns.

Lines patterns, in addition to dot patterns (see also that free dot patterns Procreate brushset), are quite often used to add shading to manga pages. Because lines have a direction (vertical, horizontal…) they are often used to add shading with an indication of weight or directionality of the light.

The brush set

The brush set contains four lines patterns:

  • horizontal lines
  • vertical lines
  • diagonal lines
  • antidiagonal lines

Each come in 100ppi, 50ppi, 25ppi and 12.5 ppi (calibrated for a drawing at 300 dpi) which allows them to be easily combined to create new patterns.

You can for instance combine line of the same pattern with different densities to create a gradient pattern, or even overlay the patterns to create some square and diamond patterns.

The brushes have also been designed so that you can easily correct the coverage of your drawing without the lines changing shade.

The 12 brushes of the brush set, the second row shows how these can be combined to create some kind of gradient effect.

Installing the brushes in Procreate

To install the brushes, just download the file by clicking on the button below from your iPad.

Note that you are free to download and use these files in your artwork. By downloading this brush set, though, you acknowledge that you are not authorised to link or distribute the brush set or the individual brushes in contains from another website or any other media.

Once the download is finished, you should be offered the option to open the downloaded file with an application. Select “Open in…” and then “Procreate”, and voilĂ .

You will see a new entry in you Brush Library with the name “Stef’s Lines Brushes” when you click either on the pencil icon or on the eraser icon.

If you like the brushes

These brushes are free, but if you are pleased with them do not hesitate to either donate using the button below, or share this article using the social media buttons at the end of this article.

Have a look at my other Procreate brushes:

Now, you can add some great touches to your manga pages!


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  1. im not ablae to get get past the “im not a robot” thing. there is not button to click on after that and it doesn’t do anything. The file doesnt download at all.

    1. Hi, I made the test and it works fine on my side. Do you have any Ad Blocker or similar plugin that could impair the functioning of the site (you might have interstitial advertising before the download)? If that’s the case please try to disable the plugin temporarily for the time of the download.

        1. Thank you for your feedback. I made some further tests and indeed their was a something misconfigured on the website. This should be solved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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