Japanese Manga Sound Effects

Japanese Manga Sound Effects

Learn more about some of the most used onomatopoeias in Japanese manga.

Ambience sounds


(go go go go)

desert / gloomy space, menacing ambience

ゴロ ゴロ

(goro goro)

something rolling

ドーン, ドン, ドォン, ドォーン

(dōn, don, dōn)

“boom”, “bang”

explosion, loud drums (taiko…)

ピカ ピカ

(pika pika)

sparkling, shining


(zā zā)

rain falling

Objects related sound effects

Here are some sound effects you can use in homes or buildings.

ピン ポン

(pin pon)

“ding dong” – door bell ringing



“bang” – door closing



“clang” – slamming sound

バシャ バシャ

(basha basha)

“click click” – camera shutter

“splish-splash” – splashing water

Sounds made by people

Here are some sound effects related to people.

ドキ ドキ

(doki doki)

“thump thump” – heart beats

もぐ もぐ

(mogu mogu)

“munch munch” – mastication, chewing



shrill scream

Animal sounds

Here are some sounds made by animals.

ワン ワン

(wan wan)

“woof” – small dog barking

にゃん にゃん

(nyan nyan)

“meow meow” – cat meowing

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