One Piece Manga Review

One Piece Manga Review

You are interested in reading the One Piece manga, but you are wondering if it will be worth your time? One Piece is a manga I really like, and I’m going to tell you why in this review.

What is the One Piece manga about?

One Piece is a manga by Eiichiro Oda which narrates the story of Monkey D. Luffy.

As a young boy, Luffy dreamt of becoming a pirate, but he learned the hard way that he had to be patient.

Now a young man, Luffy finally takes the sea, alone. He navigates from island to island in search of a crew, with the ultimate goal to navigate the Grand Line and to find the One Piece. The One Piece is a mysterious treasure hidden by Gold Rogers, the former King of Pirates.

But the road to the One Piece will be long. In addition to the dangers of the Grand Line, Luffy will have to face other pirates also in search of the One Piece and glory. And this without forgetting that they have to avoid the Marine which seeks at getting rid of piracy.

Will Luffy become the new King of Pirates?

What should you expect by reading the One Piece manga?

Here are the main ingredients of One Piece:

  • pirates,
  • adventures
  • battles
  • fun
  • friendship
  • empathy and positivity.

You might have expected the first 3 ingredients from the story. But the other elements, fun, friendship and empathy/positivity are what make the story great.

The ambience of the manga is fun and positive most of the time. Luffy and his crew are a strange combination of different personalities, but they are always supportive and looking at helping the others. There are of course some dramatic moments. But again the bonds between the characters comes into play to overcome these difficulties.

And what makes this manga captivating is that these ingredients have been present over the 100 (in 2021) volumes of the series. It makes the story pleasant to read and to follow.

What to say more on the positive side of the series?

I find that the character design is great. It is somewhat on the cartoony side, and perfectly fits the spirit of the manga.

The world is also well thought. It has its own specific technologies, physics, lore, politics and intrigues.

And you will see that the manga is worth its price. Pages are packed with content and details.

Of course, not everything is perfect. I find that some battles are lengthy and a bit chaotic. Eiichiro Oda builds intricate plots with many concurrent subplots, and some battles constantly jump from one subplot to another. This of course makes the story thrilling to see what everybody is doing, but it is at times difficult to follow.

Who is the One Piece manga for?

If you like pirates, adventure, battles and good sentiments, this manga will not deceive you and be a really good value for money.

On the sensitive content side, as you have battles, you should expect bruises and blood. But as this is counter-balanced by the cartoony style of the drawings, this remains not too explicit and graphic. Expect also some sexiness at times. And one character is a bit on the pervert side. Again this is never explicit and it is used mostly to create some humorous situations.

This, with the intrigue and the strong focus on sentiments and friendship, would therefore make me advise this manga for kids and people around 12 or 13 or more to fully appreciate it.

Finally, as a shōnen manga with fights and many male characters, One Piece is primarily targeting boys/men. But female characters are strong willed and far from being weak, which makes this manga also well appreciated by girls/women too.


To sum things up and conclude this review, I find the One Piece manga is great if you are looking for some fun and exciting adventures and battles, with good positive vibes.

Have a look at the first volume, and know that the story will only get better over the 99 and more volumes that follow!

Do not hesitate if you have questions and comments.

See you!


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